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Airline Professionals Association - Teamsters Local Union No. 1224

Mission Statement


MISSION STATEMENT --- Airline Professionals Association ABX Air Pilots The Airline Professionals Association’s elected leadership/ABX Executive Council and the pilots at ABX Air convey our commitment to our customers, Amazon, DHL, and the Department of Defense. Our track record of safety and excellence is paramount. Each pilot at ABX Air plays a vital role in the safe and efficient operation of each flight. We focus on completing all flights on time, while taking into account fuel savings measures and operational wear and tear on the aircraft to deliver service beyond expectations. We recognize that our customers are the lifeblood to our careers and, in turn, our families. We will utilize all efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. We pledge to ensure no service interruptions within the power of the pilots of ABX Air. We adopt an allegiance to the customer so that the customer brand is always reflected positively in society and the media. We will utilize history as our guide to navigate the future and continue our elite service and commitment to our mission.