The Airline Professionals Charitable Foundation, has been a very successful extension of APA Teamsters Local 1224 since our formation in 1994.

Big Teamster hearts seek support for fellow DHL ramp employee during difficult time.

Brooklyn Alexis Newman was born this summer with a severe genetic disorder called myotonic muscular dystrophy, resulting in respiratory problems caused by the muscles around her lungs not functioning properly.

Her dad, Jared Newman, has worked for DHL on the CVG ramp for almost six years as a second shift ramp lead.  If you're in CVG you'll usually see him tugging airplanes around and prepping the ramp for the nightly operation.  Often he'll give you a ride to your aircraft if the vans haven't started running yet.  You'll know him when you see him because he's almost always smiling, though lately his smile is interspersed with tears.

Brooklyn Alexis has brought Jared and Tiffany much joy, and yet their dreams have been shattered.  Her disease will likely cause overwhelming issues for the Newman's for the years to come.  Jared and his wife, Tiffany, hope that someday Brooklyn will breathe on her own, eat without a feeding tube and maybe even walk. 

The expenses for Brooklyn's care have been astounding.  Jared is ever grateful for so much, including his insurance.  But, so much of what is needed is not covered.  Many needs are immanent and unexpected. One example is that Brooklyn's breathing equipment barely fits into their aging compact car creating an emergency situation every time they have to take her to the doctor.  They need to rely on ambulance service any time Jared is at work with the car.  His financial situation is dire and worsening.  As a proud employee, husband and father it is hard to ask for help but sometimes there is nothing else one can do. 

Please consider helping this sweet, young family.  You have three vehicles in which you can support the family.

1) The Airline Professionals Charitable Foundation will be making a donation to support our fellow DHL coworker. Donate to the Charitable Foundation and identify “Other - Newman Family Charitable Cause” as your charity selection.

2) Pilots for Kids will be helping the family as well.  Donate to the Charitable Foundation and identify "Pilots for Kids" as your charity selection. 

3) Anyone who would like to directly support the family financially, please visit and make

Airline Professionals Foundation Donates $5000 to the American Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Efforts

The Airline Professionals Charitable Foundation donated $5000 to the American Red Cross operations center in NYC to help provide disaster relief supplies to victims in New York and New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy. 

In recent weeks, many Teamster Local 1224 members have expressed concern over the tragedy and were looking for ways to help through the Airline Professionals Charitable Foundation.

Over a lunch conversation with my son, I learned of a friend of his, Alex Sheen, who was on his way to the east coast because of a promise he had made to deliver disaster relief supplies to the support effort.

Sheen personally hand-delivered a check to an American Red Cross site coordinator on behalf of Teamsters Local 1224 and our members…. because he said he would.  A photo of the check being presented to the American Red Cross is available on Facebook.

Many Teamster members are also donating to the effort through the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund.

Our hearts go out to those families and Teamster members who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  We are ever thankful to our members who have donated through the charitable foundation and to people like Alex Sheen who are willing to go the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Submitted by: Rick Ziebarth, APA Teamsters Local 1224 Charitable Committee Chairman

Airline Professionals Foundation and Pilots for Kids Donate $10,000 to Shriners Hospital for Children

The Airline Professionals Charitable Foundation and Pilots for Kids often partner together to contribute to charitable causes for children.  Members of both organizations have not only contributed monetarily to the Shriners hospital, but also have spent hours of their time in the hospital itself visiting children and families served by the Burn Center. Pilots for Kids first visited the Cincinnati Shriners Hospital for Children’s Burn Center in 1983. 

CheckPresentation“We decided to visit the hospital because the Shriners are famous for the services they provide,” said Ed Faath of Pilots for Kids.  “Once you visit the hospital, you never forget what you’ve seen or the work that is done for those children.  A single visit somehow ignites a lifetime of support for the cause.”

“We believe the Shriners Hospital to be a worthy cause and our contribution to the hospital is truly more than signing the check.  In fact, over the years, a few of our members have volunteered their time and the use of personal planes to fly children and families to and from the hospital free of charge,” said Rick Ziebarth, APA Teamsters Local 1224’s charitable committee chairman.  “Our members are a giving group – many willing contribute financially to the foundation and spend time volunteering through Pilots for Kids.”

Pilots for Kids is an international organization dedicated to helping hospitalized children.  Founded in 1983 by airline crewmembers, the non-profit organization's primary activity is visiting children's hospitals and bringing toys and other needed items to each child.  Pilots for Kids members include major, national and regional airline crewmembers, corporate, military and private pilots along with aviation enthusiasts.

Teamsters Local 1224 Supports Toys for Tots

The Airline Professionals Charitable Foundation, a successful extension of the Airline Professionals Association (APA) Teamsters Local 1224, kicked off the second week of its 2011 annual Fall Charity Drive with a donation of more than 150 Pillow Pets to the Toys for Tots Foundation.

Toys for Tots LCO Cherie Gentry and Sgt Marine Recruiter Christopher R. McCoy arrived with a truck at the Teamsters Local 1224 union office in Wilmington to pick up the donation.  As it turns out, there were more Pillow Pets than could be accommodated in a single load.  The remaining boxes were delivered to the Toys for Tots distribution center in a subsequent trip by APA Teamsters Local 1224’s office manager. The pillow pets were donated to the Airline Professionals Charitable Foundation by Ed Faath, a founder of Pilots for Kids.  Pilots for Kids will also be distributing a number of the stuffed toys during their annual visits to hospitalized children over the Christmas season. 

Photo: Sgt Marine Recruiter Christopher McCoy thanks ABX Air Pilot Jeff Parrott of APA Teamsters Local 1224 for the donation of 150 pillow pets to Toys for Tots.

Teamsters Local 1224 has sponsored the Clinton Massie Rockets since the team was formed in 2007.

Teamsters Local 1224 congratulates the Clinton Massie Rockets and the Clinton Massie Indians for their outstanding success during the 2011 baseball season.

The Rockets closed their season last week taking the title of District 34 Knothole Class C-1 North Tournament Runner-Up.  The team has a history of success.  They finished third in the league in 2010, were league champions in 2009, league champions and tournament runners up in 2008, were the 2007 Cincinnati Knothole Assoc. Division 34 Class D-3 runners up in the league and won the District Tournament in 2007.  The Rockets are a great group of boys that are friends both on and off the field.  The majority of the team has played together for the past four or five years. 

This year APA Teamsters Local 1224 also sponsored the Clinton Massie Indians.  The Indians finished the season as league champions.  Their league position gave them a bid to play in the City Tournament which will take place mid-July. Good luck Indians!

Clinton County Youth Council

Teamsters Local 1224 President Joe Muckle presented the Clinton County Youth Council (CCYC) with a check for $4,800.  The donation came in response to CCYC’s funding issues which were recently brought to light. The union has supported the Clinton County Youth Council for more than five years.  In previous years it has not only provided monetary funding, but also has donated a variety of big ticket items.  They include the pool tables, pool room carpet, jukebox, skate park ramps and the dolls for the Baby Think it Over program.  A staff member volunteered her time to paint the pool room walls and several Teamster organizers constructed the skate park ramps.


Pilots for Kids

pilots for kidsA group of Local 1224 pilots visited young patients at Cincinnati Childrens Medical Center in December 2008. The pilots visited three activity centers at the hospital, passing out toys and games.



Community Sponsorship

1224 union hallThe Local 1224 has sponsored the Clinton Massie Rockets, a youth baseball team in the Cincinnati Knothole Association, for two consecutive years.  In 2008 the team placed tournament runners up.