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IRS increases mileage rate for 2023


Good morning everyone, The IRS recently announced increased mileage rates for 2023. The standard mileage rate for business travel will be 65.5 cents per mile, up 3 cents from the rate effective beginning in mid-2022. The union’s website was updated this week to include updated Expense Reports reflecting the increased mileage rate. For expenses incurred through December 31, please continue to use the old forms (pdf & excel documents). • 2022 Mileage Rate (beginning July 1) – 62.5 cents per mile For expenses incurred in 2023 please use the newly-posted forms (pdf & excel documents). • 2023 Mileage Rate (beginning January 1) – 65.5 cents per mile If you have a copy saved to your personal device, please grab the updated versions for 2023 from the website (https://www.apa1224.org/all_forms_mbr.aspx). Warmest Regards, Amanda Bledsoe