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Feb 2 Early Operations


Fellow ABX Pilots, Earlier today ABX scheduling sent out emails to our layover crews indicating that DHL has requested to move our CVG inbound departure 90 minutes earlier to avoid the impending ice and snow event. Your Union and ExCo recommend that, if you are FAR legal and feel adequately rested to operate the trip safely, you respond appropriately. Remember, email is not a contractually recognized form of notification and this will not change. You will be volunteering to amend your schedule to benefit our customer. If you accept the early departure, there will be no additional pay involved. They also plan to move the CVG outbound time 60 minutes earlier to avoid the icing that is forecast to begin around 0700. We hope that you agree this is a far better alternative to sitting in a glazed over aircraft waiting for de-ice until your inevitable duty day cancellation. We are pleased that DHL has taken proactive measures to protect system integrity, uphold safety and preempt operating during a severe icing event. Many other factors outside of our control will also impact the success of DHL’s plan. A few of these factors include the accuracy of the forecast, whether enough rampers and sorters will be able to arrive early, and if the outstations can accommodate the early departures. It is possible that we should expect parking delays and other frustrations as their plan unfolds. Regardless, we have no doubt that you’ll be as understanding as possible. Your Union believes it is in our long-term benefit to provide our customers with outstanding, safe and on-time performance, and we encourage you to cooperate with this effort. Remember, the decision is in your hands. Make the choice that your years of experience indicates is safest. Fraternally, ABX Executive Council Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224