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Airline Professionals Association - Teamsters Local Union No. 1224

Veterans Day


Dear Local 1224 Members, As we observe Veterans Day tomorrow, I’d like to personally thank all of our members who are veterans and those who are currently serving in our military in some capacity. I’d also like to thank your spouses and other family members who selflessly support your service to our nation. On behalf of all Local 1224 members, the Executive Board and our staff, we appreciate you and your service to our country! Please be advised that the union office will be closed on Friday, November 11, in observance of Veterans Day. In the event of an emergency situation, we remind you that you can reach an appropriate member of the union leadership by calling the Emergency Notification System at (866) 660-1224. As a veteran, I’m often uncomfortable when people thank me for my service. I’m sure many who have served feel as I do: it was my honor to serve, a great opportunity, and an incredibly humbling, yet exhilarating, experience. Military service instills in us a great sense of comradery, brotherhood, and solidarity. I served with men and women from all over the country, from different cultures, races, faiths, and backgrounds, possessing ideas that differed from my own. Yet, together we found commonality, esteem, and brotherly love for one another. Together our unit discovered brilliance in listening to and respecting different perspectives, even those foreign to our own. The concept of brotherhood is one thing that makes our military so great. It is a lesson that all should learn and can be applied throughout our great nation. Our freedoms are not free; they are the direct result of personal sacrifice, countless casualties, and genuine trauma. Our freedoms come at a high cost. Great freedom demands great responsibility. Consider your personal words and the gravity of your actions. Are they fitting of our brothers and sisters who gave it all? Again, this year, I give you a challenge for Veterans Day. When you say “thank you for your service”, I challenge you to reflect on WHY our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines made these sacrifices and HOW you personally benefit. Apply the lessons I learned from my military experience. Seek out commonality and respect the differences that make us great! Sacrifice self to protect the freedoms of others. Exercise your own freedoms – in speech, in action, and even in social media. But do so with responsibility and great respect, and add to the blessings of this great nation. Fraternally, Joe Muckle, President Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224