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Officer Elections


Local 1224 Crewmembers, On December 31 of this year the terms of your elected union representatives will end. It will be up to you, the membership, to nominate, run for, and elect those fellow members whom you want to represent you as a professional airman and as a Teamster. As with any democratic organization, it is critical that you be engaged in the election process and cast your vote, both for the leadership of your airline and the local. There is no better sign of an engaged and united union than a vote from every member. The manner in which the election is conducted is governed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Constitution, our Local 1224 By-laws and, ultimately, by federal labor law. Our Secretary-Treasurer Mark Mullis has compiled all the election requirements and procedures into two documents linked below, which are posted on our website. Our local has a good record of fair, open and transparent elections. The entire Local 1224 Executive Board is committed to maintaining that record for the upcoming election. To start, we have created a page on our website which will be your go-to place for all information on election requirements, rules, campaign materials and announcements. Please refer to it for precise details (https://www.apa1224.org/2020_OfficerElections.aspx). However, I would like to provide the following as a quick overview.

Who You Are Electing?

When you receive your ballots, there will be two separate ballots for two separate elections; one ballot for the seven Executive Board officers of Local 1224, and one ballot for the three to seven members (depending on your carrier) of your pilot group’s Executive Council or “ExCo,” on which you will specifically elect your chairman and then the remaining ExCo members.

What Do The Local 1224 Officers Do?

The seven (7) constitutional officers consist of the president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, recording secretary, and three trustees. While the Local 1224 By-Laws describe the specific constitutional duties of these positions, suffice it to say, these members work together to build and protect the strength of the local and your carrier, build a strong internal organization, build and expand the influence of the union’s representation of each of its member carriers through legislative and international activities, increase the reach of our union by promoting coordination and strength among our member carriers and other Teamster groups, provide numerous services to the ExCos of your carriers, maintain the finances, consolidate many varied administrative functions that each member carrier would have to perform themselves if not a part of the Local, and much more. Much of what the local’s constitutional officers do day-to-day goes unseen by the members, but it is critical for the success of your group. Your carrier’s ability to represent its members is enhanced by the work of the Local. By pooling many functions at the Local level such as administrative and financial functions, your carrier’s ExCo is free to focus almost entirely upon internal operational issues. The more effective the Local is the more effective your ExCo will be. For this reason alone, you should be concerned and involved in the election of our core constitutional officers. Again, we should have a vote from every member of the local for each of these positions.

What Do The ExCo Members Do?

The ExCo members you elect at your carrier are your direct representative to your company. They handle the day-to-day administration of your contract, attempt to resolve disputes and defend members in trouble, work with you to understand your CBA, with input from members they set the direction for negotiations, coordinate services from the local, and much more. All of these duties involve intense involvement with company personnel and require the ability to maintain a professional demeanor in, what unfortunately can be, an adversarial relationship. Additionally, each ExCo chairman is a voting member of and has the duty of serving on the local’s Executive Board (please refer to the guidelines for the reason why there are additional membership requirements). The members you elect as your pilot group’s ExCo will have a direct effect on your working life. You should pay close attention to the candidates and their vision of how your ExCo should be run and the realism of their plan to put that into effect. The number of votes for your ExCo should be equal to the number of members in your carrier!

What Is The Executive Board?

The Local 1224 Executive Board currently consists of thirteen (13) members – the seven (7) constitutional officers plus the six (6) ExCo chairmen representing the six pilot groups that make up our local. The Local 1224 Executive Board operates by majority vote of the members and is the governing body of the entire local. The Executive Board is responsible for the overall administration of the local, including its finances and approving/disapproving collective bargaining agreements negotiated with your carrier. I urge you to pay careful attention to those whom you vote for to fill these elected positions.

What Do I Do Now?

You should familiarize yourself with the rules of the election and be aware of the schedule. The Election Guidelines outline the rules of the election, including everything from how ballots are prepared and counted, to what procedures will be followed in case of a tie vote, and even address candidate campaigning and limitations. The election schedule is published in the Notice of Nomination and Election that was sent last week. As a member, you should ensure that the local has your correct address on file so that you receive the ballot in a timely manner. (No, we cannot conduct the election electronically; paper ballots are required by U.S. law.) If you are interested in being a candidate for a position, the nomination notice spells out specific eligibility requirements. In overview: • You must be an eligible member, • You must be nominated by an eligible member, • Your nomination must be seconded by an eligible member, • You must accept the nomination, and • The nomination form must be received by the local in time. • You should review the Election Guidelines for guidance and limitations before you begin campaigning. You may run individually or on a “slate.” A slate is a group of members (all meeting the above requirements) who are running as a team, say all the members of an ExCo or all members of the local officers running together. If you want to run as a slate there is an additional form to be completed. When the ballots come out, members will be able to vote singularly for a slate, or individually for some of the members of the slate and any others running. If a member votes for both a slate and an individual member, the slate vote will be the one counted. Pay close attention to the timeline for the nomination period. All nominees must submit their complete nomination paperwork by 12:00 noon ET on September 16. Look for your ballot in the mail in the days following October 16. There is a deadline for when you can request a replacement ballot. With our members’ flight schedules, we are aware that the timeline is tight. Because the paper ballots are required by law, we can do little to change this. However, our Election Committee members are here to do everything possible to make sure you have the opportunity to vote. Pay attention to your candidates. Discuss openly with your colleagues and candidates the issues and concerns for representation. Understand and be aware of the rules under which a union representative must work (the Railway Labor Act) and consider the best and most realistic methods that an individual or slate can employ to advance your interests. Remember that, whatever candidates win the election, they will represent everybody. In other words - we are all in this together. VOTE!!! As a member of a democratic organization, you have the right, and the responsibility, to vote for your representatives. In completing this responsibility, no matter how you vote, you also have the ability to display the greatest strength of a union - UNITY. Make sure you, and every one of your member colleagues, cast a vote. The conduct of the election will be monitored and administrated by the Election Committee and overseen by the Secretary-Treasurer Mark Mullis, as assigned by the Bylaws. Their job is to ensure that the procedures are explicitly followed and that every eligible member can vote. If you have any questions on these procedures, or require any help, you may email to jsheeley@apa1224.org. On November 17 the votes will be counted by the Election Committee, observed by any candidates or their representatives who ask to observe. The results will be announced immediately after the votes are tallied.

Election Information

Again, please familiarize yourself with the documents referenced on this page. The website will be updated when any conditions change, when any new candidates are entered, and/or any candidates post campaign materials. Thank you for taking the time to be involved and I look forward to a good election. View the Election Website Notice of Nomination and Election Election Guidelines Fraternally, Tim Jewell, President Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1224