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Atlas Air Pilots to Company Executives: Get Serious at the Bargaining Table



Media Contact:
Desmond Lee, 646-517-1826

After another wasted week of collective bargaining sessions where Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings subsidiary Atlas Air executives refused to offer constructive proposals that move negotiations with their pilots forward, Atlas Air pilots and their union, Teamsters Local 1224, told the company if they don’t get serious at the bargaining table, there is no productive reason for negotiations to take place in January.

The Atlas Air pilots and their union say if Atlas doesn’t offer serious proposals ahead of their bargaining meetings scheduled for January, the pilots will pause, forgoing negotiations slated for January, in an effort to get negotiations back on track.

At a recent four-day bargaining session in December, Atlas put forth proposals that offered no improvements in pay, benefits and work rules, completely ignoring the key issues. The company’s proposals, designed to drag negotiations out indefinitely, largely mimicked the current sub-standard contracts that the pilots are working under, and some of them were even concessionary.

Atlas Air captain and Teamsters Local 1224 president Captain Daniel Wells released the following statement:

“The issues and operation at Atlas are getting worse every day. We will not participate in the company’s charade of trying to convince its customers and shareholders that everything is “OK” and that it is making progress with its pilots. They are not. We are hemorrhaging pilots because it treats its pilots and employees with disrespect and contempt and that is reflected in the dismissive and concessionary proposals they pass us at the bargaining table. We can’t afford to waste another day of unproductive negotiating sessions. The union, as always, stands ready to complete a collective bargaining agreement, but Atlas Air executives have to wake-up and get serious about offering real, constructive proposals for an industry-standard contract agreement before it is too late.”